The Potential of Hcoin is Unlimited

On September 13th, Miles Guo talked on Gettr about how Hcoin withstood a huge test on September 12th, with a trading volume of over 1 million, yet the price still remained at a level of more than 20 dollars, a scenario that allowed him to see the huge potential of Hcoin, which has become the world’s true and valuable digital currency alongside Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It will be the future for fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement, and everyone should take the long view, as it’s still in its adolescent stage and because of this the benefits, technology, development, and value of Hcoin have not yet been fully recognised nor has it even advanced to the next level, with many ‘power ups’ due along its way to the moon.

Miles Guo believes that the future value of Hcoin will definitely exceed that of Bitcoin, so he hopes that his fellow fighters will keep their cool, remain vigilant and cherish each and every Hcoin they have in their hands now, for a brighter tomorrow.

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