The People Are the Victims and Full Bearers of the War Economy

With the Chinese Communist Party falling into the Tacitus trap, collapsing like dominoes, and suffocating from the sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the West, the ordinary people whose freedom of choice has been hijacked by the CCP, and therefore their futures kidnapped and thrown onto the CCP’s chariot of demise will pay a heavy price.

On September 13th, Miles Guo pointed out in a Gettr video that the series of regulations and policies formulated by the U.S. in the field of science and technology is to prepare for the decoupling of science, technology and finance with the Chinese Communist Party after the war between Russia and Ukraine, and the disintegration of Russia. The decoupling is a process accompanied by the all-out efforts of the U.S., Europe and the Western world to fight the financial war in Hong Kong and the inevitable invasion of Taiwan by the power-mad Chinese Communist Party.

The CCP will no doubt, turn all the pressure into a domestic war-time economy, creating a living nightmare for the ordinary hard-working Chinese people, and it’s those ordinary Chinese people who will be the ones having to struggle through the consequences of the war. Miles reminded his fellow fighters not to rely on good fortune or a stroke of luck but instead to be psychologically prepared for a difficult and in many cases miserable life ahead before the CCP is entirely wiped out and the communist regime taken down. Only by being fully prepared psychologically can we effectively protect our families and welcome the future victory of the New Federal State of China, paving the way to a new era for the historically oppressed Chinese people.

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