CCP’s Unofficial Police Stations Across the World

Communist China has opened ‘unofficial’ police stations in the UK for hunting down and blackmailing Chinese citizens into forcing them to return home.

According to reports, Beijing has established 54 overseas police service centers worldwide to expand power. As per Safeguard Defenders, a non-profit organization, these unofficial police stations are operated by Chinese community associations in various countries. These associations are tied to the United Front Work Department, a part of the Chinese Communist Party that seeks to influence overseas Chinese nationals.

As per the investigation, these police service centers are operated through restaurants, convenience stores, or business offices. One of the two police service stations in London is registered as an estate agency, and another is under a food delivery company in Croydon. Both these firms have denied the link and said they were dealing with Chinese immigration issues, such as helping Chinese citizens extend their driver’s licenses and other official documentation. But state media reports show some centers collaborate with Chinese police to carry out operations abroad.

Safeguard Defenders report says some of these stations have been found to help Chinese police conduct investigations remotely instead of using international police or judicial cooperation mechanisms which provide a controlled mechanism to protect the person’s rights, including the right to a fair trial. And also, the Chinese Communist government can avoid legal proceedings by opening these unofficial stations. Instead of formal extradition proceedings, the Chinese government “manages to avoid the growing scrutiny of its human rights record.”

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