Shenzhen Experienced Constant Lockdown and Residents Tried to Escape

Shenzhen Experienced Constant Lockdown and Residents Tried to Escape “On September 6th, a video concerning Communist China’s blockades in Shenzhen went viral on the Internet. It shows the number of areas in Shenzhen that were blocked again after the previous blockade was lifted. A young man thought he could leave the community, but found that people are only allowed to enter, but not to leave. Residents were only allowed to get takeout at the entrance.

 In a video, a man said that after a positive case was found at Foxconn in Shenzhen, a huge crowd of people lined up to take PCR tests. A woman said that it is the third time the city has been closed this year, and it is driving people crazy. The man lamented that Shenzhen is the only city in Communist China that requests PCR tests all year round and that people must have a valid negative 48-hour PCR test result wherever they go.

 The government told people to work from home, but many of them can not earn an income at all from home. The video also mentions that there are many people trying to escape the blockade by climbing over the wall.

 The phrase “climbing over the wall” has a special meaning within Communist China: it means using a VPN to browse foreign websites, since most foreign websites are forbidden in China. Due to this long-standing firewall, Chinese people in Communist China have been referred to as being “inside the wall”.

 Whether it is a wall made of concrete or a firewall on the Internet, it is the Chinese Communist Party’s way to control the people and prevent them from accessing true information. As long as the CCP exists, the wall will exist too.

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