Shenzhen: CCP’s Inhumane “Zero-Covid Policy” Drove Numerous Business Owners Insane

On September 4, a video clip titled “All the mental hospitals in Shenzhen were full of business owners” went viral online. According to the video, a counsellor described that at Kangning, Shenzhen’s largest and best psychiatric hospital, more than 1,600 patients flocked into the 1,300-bed facility. All of them are bosses of businesses.

 With more than 2,000 incoming patients daily, hospital beds are hard to come by. Reliable sources show that in recent years, the outpatient volume of Kangning Hospital has doubled, and the people who come to see the doctor turned out to be business owners or entrepreneurs. These “star figures” in the business circle, once known as the mainstay of the Chinese economy, are generally in a state of mental anxiety.

 Almost all of whom share the same or similar symptoms of mental illness – anxiety, Depression, and insomnia. In the past two years, more and more business owners have suffered anxiety disorders and are generally in their thirties and forties.

 Dr. Wang said that the hospital, the only A level psychiatric hospital in Shenzhen, cannot refuse patients who need hospitalization. It can only add extra beds in the ward, adding double rooms to triple rooms and triple rooms to quadruple rooms. Even so, hospital beds are far from enough. The number of outpatient visits in the entire hospital exceeds 2,000 per day. In addition, it is challenging to book an appointment with the three specialist departments of Insomnia, Anxiety, and Depression. People would quickly book it in a few minutes once the time slots are released.

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