Prime Minister Liz Truss Takes Office, Good News For Hong Kong And NFSC

On September 7th, Miles Guo stated in a live broadcast that the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liz Truss, is very familiar with compromise and operation in politics. She is an accomplished politician. Her toughness towards the CCP will be beneficial to Hong Kong and the new Federal State of China. Prime Minister Truss will become another iron-fist Prime Minister after Winston Churchill and Margaret Hilda Thatcher and she will restart a revolution in British society. 

 First, as a pro-American conservative, she has the ambition of the British Empire and believes that the British system and culture are the cornerstone of the continued development of British society. Secondly, her actions against the CCP will not only stay at the verbal level, but will be tit-for-tat with the CCP, especially on issues in Hong Kong. This will make the CCP very uncomfortable. At the same time, she will also change the strategic layout of the entire Europe, paving the way for the UK to continue to fulfill the conservative line. The UK will borrow heavily from and cooperate fully with the United States. 

 Miles further mentioned that Ms. Truss is likely to support the actions of the New Federal State of China while working with the United States. All of these will be favorable to the cause of Take Down the CCP of the Whistleblower Movement.

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