An Iran-style Plight Would Be The Worst Nightmare for Communist China

According to Miles Guo’s Grand Live Broadcast on September 4th, Communist China’s regressing into the same status as Iran is in the interests of the United States, but it will bring grave harm to the common Chinese people.

 Following the decoupling from the U.S and the EU, the only trading partner available to the Chinese Communist Party is ASEAN. However, in absence of the markets in the U.S. and the EU, the CCP cannot continue its economic growth by cooperation with ASEAN merely through its cheap labor and environmental sacrifices, as the relationship between the two parties is competitive rather than complementary. As a result, Communist China would be likely to gradually regress into a nation just as Iran, where people live in hard ways, with constant civil wars, as well as stagnant economic and technological development.

 Meanwhile, the U.S. will utilize all kinds of measures, including various sanctions, to completely isolate China, ensuring the CCP has zero chance to grow powerful enough to challenge the U.S. Accordingly, the CCP will become a zombie regime that maintains a certain level of internal stability but will not be capable of harming the outside world.

 Miles believes that the only way to avoid this tragedy is to let the CCP abruptly collapse.

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