Tsai Ing-Wen Expressed That China Military Drills Help Improving Of Combat Capabilities Of Taiwan Forces

According to media reports on September 6th, Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen delivered a speech at the Hualien air base on the island’s east coast on Tuesday, saying that recent military exercises aimed at repelling the People’s Liberation Army in the event of a cross-strait conflict had made Taiwanese military combat skills more mature and combat capabilities more powerful.

Tsai Ing-wen stated that tensions in the Taiwan Strait continued and that the threat had not gone away. Faced with the CCP’s constant armed provocation and rehearsals, Taiwan’s military has replied calmly to the PLA’s desire to invade the island and tenaciously protected its national security. Meanwhile, Taiwan’s military has been conducting a two-day exercise in the vicinity of Hengchun on the island’s southernmost tip since the night of September 6th, mobilizing Apache attack helicopters, Ching-kuo Indigenous Defense Fighters, artillery, drones, and other weapons and equipment.

Some experts say Taiwan’s troops are well-equipped, but there is still a huge difference between them and the PLA. As a result, the Tsai government has been in charge of a modernization program and has prioritized increased defense spending. On October 10th, this year’s National Day, the motto will be “You and I join together to protect the territory and defend the country,” and President Tsai will take part in a military parade and deliver a keynote speech concerning the cross-strait situation.

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