First E.U. Lawmakers Visit Taiwan

According to recent reports, a group of five French parliament members will visit Taiwan on September 7th. This French delegation is the first high-level European official to visit Taiwan. According to Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry. They will stay for six days and meet with Vice President William Lai, Legislative Speaker You Si-kun (游锡堃), and President of Control Yuan Chen Ju (陈菊), as well as officials of relevant departments. During the visit, the two countries will discuss global and Indo-Pacific regional security, technological innovation, industrial supply chains, and other matters of mutual interest to Taiwan and France, to strengthen the two countries’ mutually beneficial trading partnership. The mission will also work to promote Indo-Pacific peace, stability, and economic success.

There are five cross-party MPs in the delegation, including French Senators Cyril Pellevat, vice chairman of the legal affairs committee, Olivier Cadic, vice chairman of the foreign affairs, defense, and armed forces committee, and Vice Chairman of the European affairs committee. This week, lawmakers from Germany, the UK, and Canada will also visit Taiwan, as well as a delegation from the US Congress. In the midst of escalating tensions with the vile, war-mongering CCP, Taiwan has deepened its relations with other democracies. Miles Guo stated in his live broadcast on August 5 that once Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, visited Taiwan, there would be a parade of dignitaries coming from the U.S. and other nations to show their support in a very concrete way for a free and democratic Taiwan.

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