The King Dollar is Dead, long Live the Yuan?

Amid the political turmoils and riling domestic issues in the US, the governments of China and Russian have announced to bypass the US dollar and trade with Rubles and Yuan for natural gas.

The investment analyst Philip Patrick of Birch Gold commented in Steve Bannon’s No 1 political show War Room, “The timing can not be any better,” well, sadly not for the Americans but for the CCP and the globalists, who deem the US the only one standing between their world governance and independent free nations.

The US Dollar/ King Dollar/ Petrol Dollar is literally the world reserve currency for over past fifty years, which provides the US money-printing power, hence their world dominance and imperial status. But thanks to Biden’s failed policy in energy and economy, the US is switched from full spectrum energy dominant to energy dependent on foreign supply; amid energy crisis and soaring inflation, which are concocted by the US sanctions on Russia for their aggression in Ukraine, pushing the Russian to work more closely with the CCP. The US government’s policy is self-inflicting its dollar as the world reserve currency.

Miles Guo has given heads up to the world about a war on world currency, that is imminent according to his broadcast on August 31 2022, and now we saw the CCP has made its move on taking a shot at the US dollar. According to Guo, eventually the US and its allies in the West will face a rude awakening from the war on world currency waged by the CCP. To get the latest information and most accurate intelligence about world geopolitics, follow us the whistle blower’s movement on Gnews to prepare yourself in a post King Dollar’s world.

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