Crypto News Talk Episode Two [2022.7.18]DIGITAL FINANCE, THE WORLD TREND

Crypto News Talk is a series of bilingual programs produced by Himalaya Australia Digital Soldier H-Pay Promotion Group, aiming to promote H-coin, Himalaya Exchange, H-Pay, and latest knowledge and trends in the crypto market industry. The program is bringing capital trends, Commercial Opportunities, and Strategic Outlooks, all in our Crypto News Talk.

Bitcoin Plunges: What’s the future of El Salvador

In a subsistence village in western El Salvador, authorities claim that all transactions can be made in bitcoin, but local farmers say they’ve “never even heard of it”. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not linked to gold, and the volatility of sellers will fluctuate with market demand, making it very unstable. The essence of money is to ‘circulate’, when 90% of a country doesn’t use mobile banking; even if digital currency has become legal tender, it’s useless in praticality and doesn’t increase the value of bitcoin.

HDO gains the trust of RM Sotheby’s
According to a report by Himalaya Finance:
A 1989 Ferrari 640 race car has been sold using the stable coin Himalaya Dollar HDO.

The transaction was undertaken by RM Sotheby’s, the classic car auction house, and was completed for the equivalent of €3.6 million.
The car was owned by British ex-racer Nigel Mansell.

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