Self-harm, Harm To Others, And Natural Catastrophes Become Man-made Catastrophes

On September 6th, Miles Guo pointed out during the Gettr live broadcast that natural disasters that strike Communist China eventually turn into man-made catastrophes.

Apart from the CCP’s outright prohibition of free speech, account blocking, and willful obfuscation, Miles Guo explained that what is even more appalling is that the Chinese people have been completely brainwashed by the notion that “Distress regenerates a nation,” and they are unconcerned about other people’s lives and deaths, even to the point of shameful gloating at the suffering of others.

The wicked CCP is nothing more than a weak, self-serving criminal organization; they do not represent the real people of China; they only represent themselves. People are cultivated by the government. The terrible CCP is a result of Chinese ignorance, selfishness, and cowardness. Furthermore, whistleblowing, self-abuse, and mutual harm compounded the humanitarian situation.

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