Distress Regenerates A Nation” Is The CCP’s Evil Excuse For Depriving Basic Human Rights”

Miles Guo stated in the grand live broadcast of Gettr on September 6 that the Chinese people lack common sense, the capacity for logical thought, awareness of protecting their own rights, and a fundamental understanding of nature as a result of the CCP’s decades-long brainwashing of the populace through education.

Before the earthquake in Sichuan, the Chinese people lacked the ability to recognize natural occurrences and were oblivious of the early warning signs provided by nature, such as crows flying erratically and monkeys scampering down mountains. Even worse is the fact that Dabai stopped those who were fleeing when the earthquake struck because he didn’t know how to fight back and didn’t realize how crucial it was to protect even the most basic human rights.

The wicked mentality that the CCP has been instilling for many years is to see funerals as pleasant events, and this is also the evil party’s persistent justification for disrespecting human life and human rights, as Miles Guo noted.

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