Zeng Family’s Hidden and White-washed Assets Exposed Accelerating Political Struggle

On August 29th, Miles Guo said in a Gettr video that the vaccine disaster and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s “Zero Covid” policy have caused a huge controversy in the party. The exposure of the Zeng family’s assets hidden through their lackeys has also intensified the political struggle within the party.

Recently, “Fay Fay Show” revealed that Zhang Songqiao is the biggest lackey of Zeng. In Hong Kong, Zhang Songqiao owns a staggering number of properties. The biggest and most luxurious real estate in Hong Kong, Jingxianli (which belonged to the Ho family), is now all owned by Zhang Songqiao. The property was held by Wang Qishan himself back then. Zhang Songqiao’s investment in Japan has also flourished. Chinese people who have seen the paintings Zhang Songqiao purchased, the celebrities he slept with, the money he laundered, and the luxurious life he lived will feel that their life is meaningless.

At the same time, Wang Qishan also played very subtly, not only mastering the financial empire but also owning a large amount of real estate in Hong Kong and the U.S. (Wang Qishan bought a district in the U.S. after 1989). Although Zeng Qinghong’s family hid in Australia and did not dare to go to the U.S. However, Zeng Qinghong’s family-controlled Dai Yongge, Chen Feng, Wang Jian, and Zhang Songqiao respectively, and eventually monopolized almost all European countries such as the UK, France, Italy, and Spain.

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