The Communist Party’s Poor Acting After the Sichuan Earthquake

At noon on September 5th, a major earthquake with a magnitude of 6.8 occurred in Luding, Ganzi, Sichuan. As of 21:00 on the evening of the 5th, official reports from the Chinese Communist Party(CCP) said that more than 30 people had been killed and that some water, electricity, transportation, communications, and other infrastructure had been damaged.

Miles Guo has long pointed out that Xi Jinping and other CCP leaders never cared about the lives and deaths of ordinary people. After that earthquake in Sichuan, Xi Jinping only asked verbally to rescue people, not even a video address, not to mention to go there to understand the disaster.

The Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Committee also gave instructions for disaster relief. The local government produced many short videos about disaster relief and claimed that more than 6,500 people were involved in the disaster.

According to reports, when the earthquake struck, the local government did not allow people who were isolated at home to flee downstairs and advised those who had taken refuge outside to return home. The Chinese are so miserable that even their lives and deaths are decided by the CCP. It was also reported that Sichuan Finance said it had urgently allocated 150 million yuan to support earthquake relief. But half a month ago, a netizen released a picture of financial revenues and expenses in various places, including Sichuan’s financial surplus – 369.4 billion yuan. This makes people wonder where the local government gets its disaster relief money from. The CCP always deceives the people with the slogan of “Trials and tribulations serve only to revitalize a nation.” Hopefully, this one disaster after another will make the Chinese wake up soon.

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