CCP’s Attempts to Compete with the West for Monetary Power will End in Failure

On August 31, Mr Guo Wengui revealed in a live broadcast that the digital Chinese yuan will become a worldwide phenomenon in the next six months, especially in ASEAN and the Middle East. Ultimately, many countries will “move away from the U.S. dollar and turn to use the digital yuan from Communist China.”

CCP plans to internationalize the digital Chinese yuan as trade payments. The CCP will launch a challenge to the U.S. and Europe at a time when the U.S. midterm elections are hotly contested between the two parties and when the European economy is experiencing huge challenges due to the Russian-Ukrainian war. The world will begin one of the largest financial wars in human history. Once this war starts, it will become the biggest challenge for the CCP, the United States and Europe to compete for currency dominance in the world.

The financial and monetary war waged by the CCP already started in full swing on August 31. The CCP will become complacent and even think that the digital yuan will take out “imperialist America” and Europe. In reality, this marks the beginning of another disaster for Chinese people around the world. The Chinese Communist Party is brazenly waging a financial war, and the other side will not let it off easily.

The CCP wants to challenge the U.S. and Europe with strong finance, but the CCP never makes systemic changes itself, that is, changes in the financial and social systems. Eventually, the CCP will not be able to maintain the current dictatorial low-efficient, high-cost financial system. This, combined with the unfair distribution of wealth throughout society, the corruption within the CCP, and the CCP’s vain attempt to challenge the financial hegemony of the world – the United States and Europe – will ultimately lead to the CCP’s total defeat.

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