The Downfall of Soviet Union Will Restage in Russia and Communist China

In his grand live broadcast on August 28th, Miles Guo said that following the United States declaring Russia as its No.1 putative enemy between 2016 and 2018, Moscow has been at stake in just a few years. In recent two months, the U.S. has labeled the CCP as its top threat, which suggests the CCP’s days are numbered if referred to Russia as an example.

 Washington’s next goal is the Taiwan Strait. According to Miles, Kim Jong-un of North Korea would probably settle with the U.S. at any moment, turning his country from the Kim Dynasty to the American Dynasty. Kim is witnessing Russia’s impending end, so he would surely be the first to abandon the CCP without hesitation.

 Iran, Middle Eastern countries, and Pakistan would follow suit to turn their backs on the CCP, then compete to cooperate with the U.S. and EU. Both Russia and Communist China are likely to experience internal rebellions almost simultaneously, as the impending demise of Russia will have a ripple effect on Communist China to trigger its internal rebels. As a result of the rule of law and the influence of the CCP’s insiders, the U.S. would indirectly contribute to the demise of the CCP.

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