Civilization and Barbarism: A Wise Choice During Crises

When the western world is realigning itself in preparation to stride toward a post-crisis new civilization, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) adopts the close-door policy, leading the Chinese to the bleak abyss far away from human civilization via primitive stability maintenance measures, such as suppressing, killing, imprisoning, and pillaging.

 On September 2nd, Miles Guo said in a video posted on Gettr that western capital is flocking into cutting-edge fields, such as block chain, digitalization, new materials for outer space technology, new medicine, and biological technology. The whole world will experience a severe economic crisis brought by today’s continuous disasters, and the West is no exception. Nevertheless, just as it has done in the past few centuries, the West will manage social circumstances well during the crisis, as well as create more new civilizations, new technologies, and new lifestyles after the economic crisis, bringing all these adjustments and choices to human society for more safety, civilization, longevity, and health.

 On the contrary, the advent of food, social, and economic crises in Communist China, combined with the western sanctions on chips and Electronic Design Automation (EDA) software, will render CCP’s all walks of life rapidly regressing to levels worse than Iran and North Korean, including healthcare system, social security, public security, electricity supply, rail trains, and Airline industry. However, in order to remain in power, the CCP can only resort to its usual practices, such as an unabashed cover-up of the crisis, news blocking, and deceiving the ordinary Chinese people. All these means will not prevent the outbreak of diseases caused by the CCP virus vaccine, which would trigger secondary disasters, causing widespread deaths to harm every family.

 Miles lambasted that none of the tricks played by Communist China created civilizations or wealth. Since all the CCP can do is deceive innocent people and cover up the truth, it is getting further away from civilization. Miles reminded compatriots and fellow fighters in Communist China to be prepared for the catastrophe, saying that, in an era that distorts the facts and is full of successive calamities, staying alive without being shrouded by evil is critical, as well as promising.

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