The CCP Uses Drones to Reinforce Zero-COVID Policy in China

The Chinese Communist Party is combining modern technology with tyranny to reinforce its Zero-COVID policy across the country. On September 4th, multiple media disclosed videos from six cities in the Communist China showing drones shuttling between high-rise buildings, constantly broadcasting warning messages with loudspeakers that residential areas were now completely locked down and informing everyone to stay at home.

Chengdu, with a population of 21 million, was locked down at 6:00pm on September 1st, after recording with 157 cases of CCP Virus infection and enforcing the CCP’s Zero-COVID policy. Video taken from a high-rise residence in this megacity shows a drone flying between residential dwellings late at night, alerting everyone to comply with the lockdown order.

In Wuxi, a manufacturing hub in eastern China with a population of 7.5 million, a chilling video shows a drone hovering just meters from an apartment building window and loudly announcing the CCP Virus lockdown rules. .

Back in April, Shanghai deployed a drone to warn residents to stop singing and shouting by their windows, curbing their “thirst for freedom.” Since then the use of drones by the Chinese illegal government to enforce harsh lockdowns has become the new norm.
The CCP has been stealing the most advanced A.I. technology and surveillance technology globally, which have been used to tighten its control over the people and through checkpoints with facial recognition cameras are everywhere. It has become the most surveillance country in the world with an average of one camera on two people, which is obviously a violation of human rights. However, through the ongoing decoupling of technology from the west, the collapse of the evil tyranny of the CCP will be accelerated.

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