Pandemic Lockdown Policy Is The Evil Control Model Crafted by The CCP

During the Grand Live Broadcast on September 4th, Miles Guo shared his views on whether the CCP may loosen up a bit on the lockdown policy within mainland China. He said there is no way that the Communist Party will loosen up on the lockdowns; on the contrary, it will only tighten its control as the lockdowns in the name of Pandemic is an evil control model crafted by the CCP.

Wang Qishan, one of the very top CCP cadres and kleptocrats, met with Steve Bannon during his visit in China. Wang harshly denounced Bannon’s “populism”, stating that the U.S. democratic system actually is degenerating the rights of its government, and that grassroots should not be allowed to have the luxury of private property ownership including cars and housing as well as travelling in private cars for common people is considered excessive. Wang claimed that a government should leverage the most advanced technology to keep the people enslaved; a government should act like a ruler, and divide the people into different classes, just like the ideology advocated by Xi Jinping.

Miles further revealed that Xi Jinping will take an overseas visit, in which he will be present and promote to other top leaders what he calls the “Win-Win Cooperation” strategy, which essentially a call on all country leaders that they should unite and enslave the people like rulers. And this is called “Win-Win” for all the world ruling class.

Xi intends to spread to the rest of the world the Pandemic Lockdown model used by the CCP, including the use of the digitalized Health Code system to keep people confined while providing tiered benefits based on the people’s compliance, or, obedience to be exact. In the eyes of the CCP, now is the best time to deploy this “global oriented innovative ideology”, with the aim of turning the crisis of the CCP Virus and the vaccine policies into a “Golden Opportunity for Global Cooperation”

All of these are clear indications that not only will the CCP not let up on the lockdowns, but instead, it is doing its utmost to expand this insidious ruling model to the world.

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