Chengdu’s Lockdown Causes Big Social Chaos, Nucleic Acid System Collapses Again

On Sep. 1, Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province and another major city of Communist China with a population of 20 million, announced the implementation of static management. Compare with other cities, Chengdu’s lockdown has caused more chaos.

 On Aug. 29, a person in Chengdu with a Wechat’s ID name “Tropical Rainforest”, told everyone in the chat group Chengdu may undergoe a citywide Static Management and also provide a specific implementation. When the news got out, many Chengdu citizens rush to the major agricultural markets, large supermarkets for a panic-buying spree. At the same time, online orders also appear to surge. “Tropical Rainforest”, the man who released the news, was sentenced to 15 days of administrative detention by the police, and was fined 1,000 yuan as for picking quarrels and provoking troubles.

 However, 2 days later, on Sep. 1, Chengdu’s pandemic prevention administration announced starting from the 6pm of that day, all Chengdu’s citizens would be quarantined at home and demanded to do the nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT) every day. As soon as the news came out, waves of panic-buying broke out all over the city broke out, and many supermarkets were snapped up by citizens.

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