TikTok, Zoom, Alibaba, and Binance Provide Intelligence to the Chinese Communist Party

Miles Guo, founder of Whistleblower Movement said in his live streaming that “Mark my words, TikTok will be the target of a worldwide prosecution for crimes. It’s an intelligence platform. Zoom is an intelligence platform. Alibaba is an intelligence platform.”

He previously warned people that Binance, run by Zhao Changpeng, was also an intelligence platform. The Chinese Communist Party has made cryptocurrency transactions illegal. They collected personal information from Binance and used it to track down people in Communist China who set up accounts on Binance.

People were arrested by local police at airports, on trains, or at home. Their families were threatened not to publicly disclose information about the arrests. The cryptocurrencies in their Binance accounts have been confiscated.

This is also true for TikTok, Zoom, and Alibaba. The Chinese Communist Party is collecting personal information through these apps, especially in the United States. These are military applications fully controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

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