Meta head of virtual reality platform Horizon leaving company

A media reported on Friday that the former head of Meta Platforms Inc’s multi-billion-dollar virtual reality social platform Horizon has left the company for new opportunities.

A spokesman for Facebook’s parent company Metaverse spokesman revealed that Vice President (VP) Vivek Sharma will leave the company. The revelation also stated Sharma’s team would now report directly to Metaverse VP Vishal Shah.

Sharma declined to disclose the details about his resignation.

At Meta, Sharma was in charge of developing persistent and immersive virtual environments for users to experience. The virtual experience will be primarily accessed through virtual reality (VR) devices, which are produced by the company.

Although the virtual world business that relates to the company is still in the beginning stage, the company aims to make the associated businesses and virtual world become Metaverse’s brand. The plan also involves making it accessible to third-party developers.

An expansive VR world-building platform that focuses on virtual events like Horizon Worlds, and Horizon Venues are the platforms created by Sharma’s team.

Prior to the departure, an incident happened to Sharma’s team at Horizon Worlds. During the incident, Criticism has fallen on the graphic quality after CEO Mark Zuckerberg posted his avatar on Facebook.

A few days later, Zuckerberg revealed a more complex avatar. He mentioned that the earlier image quality was “very basic” and promised “significant updates to Horizon and avatar graphics coming soon.”

For the past five years, Sharma had been with Meta and served as the previous VP of product for Facebook Gaming and Facebook Bazaar.

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