The Whistleblower Movement Began Following Miles Guo’s First Public Interview

On January 26th 2017, Miles Guo gave an exclusive interview to the media for the first time in New York, exposing the brutal persecution of his family and employees by Fu Zhenghua, the vice minister from the Ministry of Public Security of the CCP, as well as exposing the crimes of the CCP’s “money laundering agent” Li You, who relied on his power to illegally obtain large amounts of money.

 Miles Guo first said that the interview was to clarify the CCP media’s long-winded slanderous and demonizing reports. In particular, Hu Shuli. The “mouthpiece” of the kleptocrat Wang Qishan, reported through Caixin Media that Miles Guo was a “power hunter”, which was completely slanderous and a total frame-up. Also Hu Shuli is the lover of Li You, the money laundering agent of the CCP. The so-called Beijing University Founder’s equity dispute is in essence that the powerful people behind Li You simply want to steal Miles Guo’s legal property.

 On January 10th 2015, Fu Zhenghua brought more than 100 special police officers to the Pangu Hotel to frantically arrest Miles Guo’s family and employees. Fu Zhenghua claimed that the arrest was personally ordered by “Xi, Wang and Meng”. The task force led by Fu Zhenghua using inhuman torture to extract a confession from the Pangu employees. Then through his brother Fu Weihua, he extorted and threatened Miles Guo. Miles Guo revealed that the “Xi, Wang, Meng” regime ordered Fu Zhenghua to arrest his family and employees because they were extremely frightened by the evidence that Miles Guo had regarding the stealing of the nation’s wealth and their sexual behaviour. Through all of the brutal arrests, their desire is to threaten Miles Guo and prevent him from breaking the very damaging news.

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