Pfizer Documents Show CCP virus vaccine Causes Male Infertility

Recently, Amy Kelly, program director of the Bannon War Room Daily Clout Pfizer Document Analysis Project, published a report regarding the impact of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccine on male fertility. According to Pfizer’s internal documents, the CCP virus vaccine can be transmitted human to human through skin contact, inhalation, and sexual intercourse, and it can travel through blood circulations and remain in various organs of the human body. Lipid nanoparticles, a component of the vaccine, will remain in the male reproductive system.

 In addition, based on Pfizer’s internal studies, the CCP virus vaccine can also trigger an anti-sperm antibody. When the body produces this antibody, the sperm will be considered an intruder to be attacked and killed by the antibody, resulting in male infertility. The CCP virus vaccine affects sperm concentration as well as total motility. Current studies show men who received two doses of the CCP virus vaccine experienced a significant decrease in fertility.

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