The Last Show of Guo Guangchang, a Slave of Many Masters

Guo Guangchang, the white glove of the CCP kleptocrats, is a Zhejiang native and a Fudan University philosophy graduate. He helped build the Fuxing Group, Fosun Pharma’s first publicly traded subsidiary. Guo Guangchang is a member of the CCP’s Jiang family and the Fudan gang. The white gloves work for many CCP gangs because of the intricate inter-interest relationships that exist inside the CCP. Guo Guangchang mysteriously vanished in 2015 right before the Communist Youth League issued a denote; Soon in 2017, Fosun Pharma was investigated, and Guo Guangchang’s partner resigned. Wang Jian, another white-glove CCP member, was assassinated in 2017, Wang Jianlin’s Wanda was probed, Wu Xiaohui was imprisoned, but Zhang Songqiao and others purchased foreign real estate. This is clearly a struggle between Jiang, Zeng, Wang, Meng of the Chinese Communist Party and Xi Jinping. Guo Guangchang reappeared in Israel in August 2022 for purposes including purchasing spyware, intelligence cooperation, biochemical research, unmanned aerial systems, vaccine detecting software, and a new advanced green code system, exemplifying the CCP-Israel alliance Pegasus discusses collaboration. As we all know, the Chinese Communist Party is holding its 20th National Congress, and a brutal battle is raging within the CCP. Guo Guangchang has presumably escaped the CCP’s internal fights unscathed, owing to his white glove employment for each of the CCP’s gangs and his ability to please all men. But, in the end, he’d follow the CCP into the crematorium, and while he was having fun, perhaps death was on the way. Miles Guo has stated that Guo Guangchang will end up worse than Jack Ma, and that the entire Fudan and Shanghai gangs will eventually vanish. Israel may be Guo Guangchang’s last show.

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