The Evil CCP Produces The Deadly Virus, And Then The Deadly Vaccine

According to the September 1st episode of The Fay Fay Show, Guo Guangchang’s Fosun Pharmaceuticals spent $249 million in 2013 to acquire Alma Lasers, an Israeli company that makes medical aesthetic laser devices, and renamed it to Sisram after the acquisition. In 2018, Fosun acquired a 60% stake in NOVA, Israel’s largest medical aesthetic distributor which it did through Sisram. In addition Fosun invested in two Israeli tech startups.

 In March 2020 during the CCP virus pandemic, Fosun and German company BioNTech collaborated to carry out clinical trials of the mRNA CCP virus vaccine in Shanghai, with experiments done by the CCP and production provided by Germany and then sold to the Chinese communist regime. In October 2020, Israel purchased a large amount of the CCP virus vaccine from the dictatorship through Mossad. It is well known that Israel has the highest vaccine coverage rate in the world. In April 2022, Artesun, which is a product containing artemisinin was developed by Fosun, and it was released on April 25th which is World Malaria Day. It is well known that Artesun is one of the most effective antidotes to the CCP virus, and this was first announced to the world on Gettr by Miles Guo in August 2021.

 The increasingly popular Fay Fay Show commented that the Chinese Communist Party developed then released the CCP virus which then killed millions of people, then they developed the so-called safe and effective vaccine making them billions of dollars. This all goes to prove that the CCP is completely evil and needs to be taken down as soon as possible.

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