The CCP Virus Vaccine Disaster Will Change Everything

Anthony Fauci announced he will step down this December. This evil man has done huge harm to humanity, and his resignation is unlikely to prevent him from being fully investigated.

 As NIAID director, Fauci had funded the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Wuhan Institute of Virology with the US taxpayers’ money, and transferred the virus technology to the CCP. Meanwhile, he hijacked medical resources, and used his so-called authority to tell all the lies, misleading the public and maiming lives.

 Now that sudden deaths, collapses, and various cancers caused by the toxic Covid-19 (CCP virus) vaccines are occurring around the world everyday, more and more people from all walks of life are openly questioning or exposing the vaccine disaster, particularly, former president Trump’s supporter Alex Jones has publicly asked Trump to speak out against the vaccines within a month.

 Miles Guo, the leader of the Chinese Whistleblower Movement once said in his live broadcast that the vaccine disaster has not yet begun, and how we face and deal with future disasters is very important.

 Miles said the impact of vaccine disaster is absolutely essential for the future of humanity. As it will change everything, including the national enmity, family hatred, individual grudge, ignorance, stupidity, greed, monopoly, and regardless it is the people of the “swamp” (those who are actually controlling everything in the world from behind) or all these public figures we always see and hear about daily, etc, whatever it is, he believed all of them become be tiny in the face of the biggest problem ,the vaccine disaster.

 Finally, the world will return to its original point, just like what various religions and the Buddha described. That is, to go back to the origin of human beings who came to the world, also mean a “reset” with the standard of the universe (not to be mistaken with the “Reset” proposed by the DAVOS party). By then, humanity will enter a new era.

 Humanity will pay a very heavy price for being vaccinated against the CCP virus vaccine. 

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