Guo Guangchang’s Business Ventures in Israel, CCP Virus Vaccine and Artemisinin

On Aug 29th, the official website of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Embassy in the State of Israel reported that Guo Guangchang met with Cai Run, the CCP’s ambassador to Israel, to discuss the current business plan of Fosun Group in Israel.

 Guo Guangchang is the chairman and co-founder of Fosun International Limited and a representative of the CCP’s 12th Political Consultative Conference. As one of the members of CCP kleptocrats’ money laundering agent, reportedly, on Dec 11, 2015, Guo Guangchang was detained by CCP’s police, for “assisting authorities with an investigation”, and had been “linked to a corruption court case in August”.

 Guo Guangchang’s Israeli business ventures started in 2013, Fosun Pharma, a subsidiary of Fosun International Limited, spent $249 million to acquire Israel-based Alma Lasers, an aesthetic laser manufacturer of; in Apr 2016, Fosun Pharma officially acquired Israeli Dead Sea cosmetics company Ahava for a total of $77 million; in Oct 2017, Fosun Group announced the investment of US$14.25 million into Israeli FinTech company, BondIT, upon completion of the transaction, Fosun became a major shareholder of BondIT including representation on its Board of Directors; in 2018, Fosun and Fosun Hani Securities Limited made the strategic $5 million investment to “The Floor”, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based fintech startup.

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