Zhang Songqiao Acquires Overseas Assets for the Chinese Communist Party to Steal National Family Money

On August 27th, the Fay Fay Show revealed that Hong Kong businessman (张松桥) Zhang Songqiao, who is known as “Chongqing Li Jiacheng”, is a white glove for the Chinese Communist Party’s Jiang, Zeng, Wang and Meng families, laundering money for the Chinese Communist Party.

Miles Guo once broke the news that the thieves of the country laundered money mainly by acquiring a large number of overseas assets, making financial products, investing in finance, buying real estate, and then reselling it to their own funds, and laundering the money all over again. The overseas real estate projects acquired by the family of Chinese communist thieves that Zhang Songqiao holds on behalf of are mainly located in the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries, who never go to the United States. He has numerous companies under his name, most notably two real estate companies: Zhongyu Land and Yutai Real Estate.

The following covers only a very small portion of the real estate acquisitions. In July 2016, Yu Tai Properties spent £42 million to acquire a hotel called Travelodge In January 2017, CYL bought a UK office building, paddington, at a cost of £300 million In March 2017, CYL acquired the $1.4 billion London, UK “Cheesegrater” In May 2017, the intention to acquire Walkie Talkie in London, the building was eventually bought by Lee Kum Kee In December 2017, CFL bought Gotham City, London, which is still under construction. In December 2019, CPY Land bought Whiteleys, a shopping mall in the UK, for £400 million.

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