The U.S. Will Set Up Ambassador in the Arctic to Compete With Russia and Communist China

On August 26th, the United States Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said the US would soon appoint an ambassador-at-large for Arctic affairs, responsible for contacting other nations located in the Arctic, indigenous groups, and other parties of interest. This move aims to enhance its diplomatic relationship within this region in response to the growing presence of Russia and Communist China in newly-opened Arctic waters from climate change.

In recent years, due to the speed and extent of warming up in the Arctic far exceeding any other regions on the planet, people are starting to realize the possibility of new passages for commercial and military vessels in this area once considered inaccessible.

Russian growing influence near the Arctic is presented in its growing military force deployment, including submarines and fighter jets. The constant building of Arctic research stations by the Chinese Communist Party is widely recognized as its intention to expand its presence there. At the Arctic Council meeting held in Iceland last year, Blinken said the countries in the region had a “responsibility” to assure “peaceful cooperation.”

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