Vaccine Disaster Will Change Everything, The Disaster Hasn’t Yet Begun

In the grand live broadcast on August 28, Miles Guo stressed that the vaccine disaster will be the biggest catastrophe that humanity has ever faced. Those who are ignorant and unwilling to wake up will pay the price. The vaccine catastrophe has not yet begun. However, amid suffering and resistance, the vaccine catastrophe will restart a new century for humanity.

The vaccine disaster will remap the hatred between nations and people of ethics and awaken people to their ignorance and greed. And it will change “the Swamp” – the plutocrats’ power behind the government swaying the nation’s politics and economy. People who are not vaccinated will lead humanity to a new future.

Now, Alex Jones asks President Trump to present an anti-vaccine stance publicly in a month. Jones’ demand is a big challenge for Trump after Trump promoted vaccines to the public as well as vaccinated himself and his family. It shows that being rich, and powerful does not mean intelligence or shrewd judgment. It is stupid to only use one criterion of so-called scientism to do things, yet this scientism has been distorted and has become a tool of propaganda to brainwash people.

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