Twitter And Facebook Will disappear

In the grand live broadcast on August 28th, Miles Guo said that Facebook and Twitter had no future and would be replaced by other social media. Especially with GETTR in light of the evils they carried, just as they had substituted paid social platforms such as MSN.

Although Twitter and Facebook broke the payment pattern of social media, they have original sins of trading user data and grabbing operational funds through advertisement. Moreover, the crackdown on the true information in the CCP virus vaccine disaster, aggressively blocking accounts of fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement, and completely becoming the political hatchet men of the CCP have already made Twitter and Facebook lost their future.

The CCP’s software, such as TikTok, Zoom, and Binance, are not social or conference platforms, but intelligence platforms to collect global data; they will eventually be investigated and prosecuted worldwide.

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