The Seed Crisis Is The Core Issue of Communist China’s Food Supply

During the live broadcast on Aug. 28th, Miles Guo talked about the seed issue in Communist China is the core issue of its food supply.

After communicating with professionals in China, Miles pointed out that the biggest challenges of the food supply in Communist China are both the natural and man-made disasters. The 700 million tons of its annual grain production is simply not enough for the entire population in China and which the grain production figure is being exaggerated.

More importantly, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has never addressed the core issue which is the lack of quality seeds. CCP scientists and officials understand that the grain production in China is coming from contaminated soil and genetically modified seeds. The best quality seeds are controlled by Western countries, led by the United States. The problem of not having quality seeds cannot be ignored.

Miles believes that in the near future, the Communist China and the rest of the world will be facing a major crisis when the global seeds crisis and disasters caused by genetically modified food breaks out. However, it will be difficult to respond effectively by the time when people are fully aware of the problem.

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