Synopsys, Biggest EDA Company Expands in Vietnam Amid US EDA Export Control

On August 26th, American Chip software maker Synopsys is shifting its investment and engineering training to Vietnam while remaining cautious in the Communist China market, amid the US adding EDA to the export control list to China.

Synopsys sales vice president of Taiwan, Southeast Asia and India, Robert Li said in a press conference, that Synopsys will train electrical engineers in Vietnam and donate software licenses for the chip design centre in the country.

Vietnam is one of the countries Synopsys highlighted for investment, said Sales Director Adrian Ng Siong Tech. Synopsys is considered one of the global leaders in EDA, providing a broad range of security services and testing tools in the semiconductor industry. Together with another two American EDA software makers, Cadence and Siemens EDA, three of them have a 77% global EDA market share.

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