Human Qualities of Loyalty, Credibility, and Kindness are Tools to be Used by Others in CCP the System

On August 26th, Miles Guo specifically talked about the deceased former chairman of HNA Wang Jian (王健) in a Gettr video.

He said many people who knew Wang Jian, had a high opinion of his character and believed that among the many pawns who worked for the Zeng family, Wang Jian was a person that held on to his words and was very trustworthy. Others such as Zhang Songqiao (张松桥), Meng Jianzhu (孟建柱), Dai Yongge (戴永革) and Zeng Wei (曾维), etc have never been able to do it. At the same time, Wang also had a very clear understanding of his own situation. He once said he would not bring too much trouble to others and knew what to do when necessary. However, the so-called good person in the eyes of everyone was the first to be purged and removed.

Miles was very emotional about this and believed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s system is an evil system that eliminates the good people and leaves the bad ones. Meanwhile, good human virtues such as loyalty, credibility, kindness as well as other qualities are just tools used by people in the system.

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