Bill Gates funded Nasal Vaccine to Bulk Eliminate Humanity

A foreign news source recently revealed that Bill Gates-funded researchers are currently pushing a nasal inhalation vaccine for the CCP-virus (Covid-19) which could be sprayed in the air and inhaled by people without their knowledge or consent which will affect the immune systems of billions of people.

Most of the funding to support the development of this nasal vaccine came from Gates. RIGImmune co-founder, Akiko Iwasaki, has received $2 million from the Gates Foundation. If the study is successful, globalists will have the ability to deliver “mRNA based vaccines” to the entire human population, much like a farmer sprays his field with pesticides.

The “mRNA based vaccines” hijack human cells and program them to build non-human protein structures. These protein structures can act as biological weapons, causing sterility or blood clots. Once subjected to this, humans are likely be exterminated like field bugs and the human race could be wiped out in an unprecedented way.

Globalists like Gates believe that humans are consuming too much precious resources, destroying ecosystem and contributing minimal to the future of human civilization. They argue that humans are like a plague on the earth and must therefore be eradicated, just as people do with cockroach infestations.

To achieve this goal, doctors, journalists, government agencies, large technology companies, employers and schools are all touting the efficacy of “vaccines” in protecting people’s health. In reality, people are lining up for vaccines designed to eradicate them.

The new mRNA nasal spray vaccine can be a new weapon of extermination, especially for those who still refuse to receive the CCP-virus vaccination. They would inhale the vaccine without their knowledge and against their will. The report also warned that billions will die if the world does not stand up to the mass murdering actions of vaccine death cults like Fauci and Gates.

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