Former Chinese Olympic Champion Interviewed on a Match-Fixing Incident During Sydney Olympics

According to a TV interview on August 27th, former champion athletes Ye Zhaoying and Hao Haidong, were interviewed about an Olympic incident in early 2000. The two wore red and blue from the G|Fashion sports collection, and the interviewer was Camila Martin, the runner-up in badminton at the Sydney Olympic Games that year and stopped her career in 2004. Gong Zhichao, another Chinese athlete, won the champion, and Ye got the bronze medal in the same event.

Ye, one of the world’s top badminton players in 2000, became a victim of Communist China at the Sydney Olympics. Li Yongbo, the head coach of the Chinese national team at the time, ordered Ye to lose to Gong and not to lose too obviously, and not to make Gong too tired.

Martin, who participated in the competition then, said she was not surprised by the strange performance of Chinese athletes in various competitions over the years but was very angry. Seeing the video of the game again, she has no doubt that Ms. Ye lost the game on purpose. As a first-class player, Ms. Ye’s attitude on the court and the way she hit the ball can ultimately determine that she did not want to win but obviously lost on purpose. The governing system of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has made the fairest, and most transparent sports events in the world full of falsehoods, and cheating and corruption have made it impossible for real athletes to survive. The Chinese regime cannot train real athletes; on the contrary, all sports players have become victims.

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