China’s NDRC Acknowledges that Prices would Rise in the Future Due to Inflation

According to G-Translator, The CCP’s National Development and Reform Commission held a regular meeting on August 26. According to the introduction, from the remaining months of this year to the first quarter of next year, the domestic price level will be higher than that of the prior months. Five hundred thirty million people in need have benefited from temporary price subsidies totaling roughly 31.5 billion yuan since 2020, distributed in various locations. It only amounts to 60 yuan per person after average calculations.

At the same time, The Ministry of Commerce of China provided the most recent data. From January through May of this year, foreign non-financial direct investment totaled 287.06 billion yuan, or 44.6 billion US dollars, a 3% rise year on year. Non-financial direct investment in nations along the “One Belt, One Road” was US$8.19 billion, a 10.2% year-on-year rise, accounting for 18.4% of the total in the same period, a 1.2 percentage point gain over the previous year. People familiar with the situation said that the country’s crooks used these investing strategies to steal its citizens’ money. The CCP has over-issued currency in China, which will ultimately lead to rising costs and domestic inflation.

Netizens claimed that the Laobaixing’s savings in the first 30 years and loans in the following 30 years were responsible for the domestic economic splendor of the last ten years. It means that China’s recent prosperity has been traded for the history and future of the Chinese people for one to two generations. Still, the wealthy and powerful have stolen this affluence. Now a mess is left, leaving countless debts waiting to be repaid by generations of Chinese people.

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