Unvaccinated Medical workers Reinstated and Paid Back

The Labour Judge of the Italian Court of Siena issued two separate orders on August 20th, fully accepting the appeal of the two healthcare workers against the public medical centre of the south-eastern Tuscany Region. Both appellants were suspended of their work without payment for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. The Siena judge accepted both appeals after a lengthy and complex technical-scientific review of the facts and the relevant law, and ordered the defendants’ public medical centre to immediately resume work for both defendants and pay back wages immediately.  Two lawyers, Paolo Serra and Augusto Sinagra, served as defense counsel for the two appellants. 

 The verdict makes threats and coercion of two former prime ministers, Conte and Draghi, gradually dissipates. The two former national leaders cooperated with Health Minister Speranza and Interior Minister Lamorgese. Former prime minister Draghi, a banker, once threatened people who refused to get Covid-19 vaccine, saying that whoever did not get vaccinated would die, and others would die. 

 It is estimated that one in ten people in Italy has yet to receive a dose of the vaccine. The healthcare authority is still implementing vaccine mandates, and those who refuse to comply will lose their jobs.

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