Sex Scandal Buzzworthy, Misery Ignored: A Nation’s Tragedy

On August 25, Miles Guo shared feedback he received after the 24th Grand Live Broadcast on Gettr.

 The broadcast triggered a turbulent storm within Communist China because it involved many people, including Song Zuying(宋祖英), Yang Lan(杨澜), Zeng Qinghong(曾庆红), Zeng Wei(曾维), Zhao Benshan(赵本山) and others.

 This can be considered one of the most influential live broadcasts during the five years Whistleblower Movement. Even though many domestic VPNs were blocked, it rarely affected the spreading of explosive content.

 Miles lamented that most people were passionately attending to pornography, power, and money, rather than vaccine disaster and the tyranny of PCR tests. What they care about is just money other than the truth, pushing their ignorance and slavishness to the maximum. This is a tragedy for all the people of this nation.

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