Cybersecurity Firm Mandiant Exposes CCP Fake News Websites

The cybersecurity firm Mandiant said in a report that at least 72 fake news websites including 11 languages regularly criticize the West and the United States. Meanwhile, they defend the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) against criticism from the public, such as its restrictions on democracy in Hong Kong and detention of minority Uighur citizens in detention camps. In the report, Mandiant said the sites were hosted on an internet infrastructure owned by a marketing company in communist China, Shanghai Haixun Press.

According to Haixun’s website, the company offers CCP clients the opportunity to have their views and comments posted on news sites in 40 languages over more than 140 countries or regions. In addition, it boasts that its clients are covered by English-language news outlets such as the Associated Press and Reuters.

The CCP’s infiltration of the world is akin to an omnipresent ghost. The Western world and the forces of justice are awakening, but they will have to pay a painful and huge price before prevailing.

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