Xi Jinping Goes to Liaoning for CCP’s Next 100-Year Goal

Miles Guo stated in the grand broadcast on August 21st that Xi Jinping’s visit to Liaoning was the result of the Beidaihe meeting. It is also the focus of the Chinese Communist Party’s target for the next five years as well as the so-called next 100 years, which is to make the northeast region a world industrial center.

As Miles said, at the Beidaihe meeting, Xi demanded to turn the engines, materials, technologies, and energy sources, which the former Soviet Union and Russia did not give to communist China, into resources of the CCP in the Northeast region. Meanwhile, the northern path of the One Belt, One Road initiative connects Eastern Europe, encompassing Russian wood, energy, and agriculture. Moreover, it will expand the agricultural area of the three Northeastern provinces northward by 2,200 kilometers. At the same time, the 4 billion people in Asia will be closely connected with the 500 million people in Eastern Europe by train to foster a new emerging market. Communist China is also attempting to integrate the BRICS countries’ technologies and markets and produce digital RMB to compete with the US dollar and the euro.

Miles continued that Xi’s ambition for the next five, ten, and hundred years is to avoid a direct battle with the US in the Taiwan Strait while hoping Russia is defeated in Ukraine. The CCP seeks to expand by annexing Russia’s natural riches and markets and its geographic proximity to Eastern Europe. On the other hand, Xi’s move north to promote the industry does not contradict Li Keqiang’s south tour to pledge the economy is open and satisfy people in Hong Kong because all of this is simply one stage in the CCP’s 100-year plan.

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