CCP Working With Mexican Cartel to Get Fentanyl to US

It is reported on Aug. 23rd, on Monday’s broadcast of “Vittert,” journalist and host Leland Vittert announced that Mexican drug cartels are working with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to ship fentanyl to the U. S. to poison Americans.

Vittert interviewed David Asher, a former State Department official, about the relationship between the drug cartels and the CCP. “You got to understand that none of this could work without the Chinese Government’s involvement. So, we’re not just dealing with drug cartels and Chinese Triad, which are the version of drug cartels in China,” Asher said. “We’re dealing with the Chinese Ministry of State Security, the United Front part of the Communist Party; they are organizing the fentanyl shipments to Mexico. At some level, they are involved in manufacturing, and doing it with the goal of killing American kids… And then they’re having Chinese students in the U.S. pick up the [drug] money.”

A disturbing trend is developing, with seizures of fentanyl have reached new highs, and a new version of the drug, rainbow fentanyl, has raised the concerns among U.S. authorities, sited from a daily newspaper.

According to Michael Humphries, a senior Customs and Border Protection official, says, the colorful drug “looks like candy.” Following a raid in mid-August, CBP seized more than 250,000 pills in a vehicle entering U.S. through Mexico. A day later, more than 15,000 rainbow fentanyl pills were found wrapped around the legs of a detainee at the border crossing in Nogales, Arizona.

“This may signal a new tactic by transnational criminal organizations,” Humphries said. So far, the colorful pills have been found in Florida, Oregon and Washington state.

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