U.S. Appealed to U.S. Citizens to Leave Ukraine Immediately

The U.S. warned that Russia will increase its attacks on Ukraine in a few days.

Before Ukraine Independence Day, America warned Russia would increase its attacks on the civil infrastructure and government buildings in Ukraine. U.S. Consulate in Kyiv issued this warning from Washington State Department. On Tuesday, it was appealed to all U.S. citizens “leave Ukraine immediately” taking current existing land connections. According to the U.S., Russia is preparing the new attacks on Ukraine’s infrastructure.

When speaking of U.S. information, a U.S. government representative said, our new information said that Russia is planning more and more attacks on the civil infrastructure and government organizations of Ukraine in a few days. Based on the records of Russia in Ukraine, we are concerned about the persisting threat of Russia attacking the civilians and civil infrastructure.

On Wednesday Ukraine celebrated its Independence Day. It’s the same day Russia started to invade Ukraine 6 months ago on 24th, Feb 2022. President Zelensky warned on the weekend that Russia might take “violent actions” which would make people feel disgusting in this week. Kyiv has forbidden all public assemblies, the second largest city in Northeast Ukraine, Kharkiv also has imposed “a curfew”.

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