Drought threatens autumn food security, CCP tries to avoid food crisis

According to the Global Times, Chinese authorities on Monday ordered related departments to take action against the climate crisis and to prevent the ongoing heatwave and drought from ruining most of the autumn grain harvest in southern China, indicating that the endangered autumn harvest accounts for 75% of China’s annual grain production.

Since June, a record-breaking heatwave has led to drought conditions across much of central and southern China.

Mid-to-late August is a critical period for the growth of autumn grains in the middle and lower region of the Yangtze River, where a sustained heatwave and drought will reduce yields of crops such as corn and soybeans. Water and power supply shortages in southern China could disrupt the country’s overall food supply.

So far, the Communist China government has granted about 300 million yuan, or about $44 million USD to drought and disaster relief, propaganda agencies claimed.

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