CCP Propagates TCM to Aid Sanya in the Pandemic fight

Xinhua News Agency, August 22nd, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is playing a significant role in the control of the pandemic in Sanya. Sanya TCM Hospital makes TCM decoctions for the patients in the modular hospital everyday around the clock. They also make the anti-pandemic decoction for the medical staff of Epidemic Disease Investigation Team and quarantine ward.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) said, a “mobile smart TCM pharmacy for emergency” from Sichuan came to help Sanya against the pandemic. This mobile smart TCM pharmacy for emergency could dispense and package medicines autonomously, improving the TCM production efficiency using modern techniques.

August 20th, 2022, On the 18th International Congress of Collateral Disease and the 9th Blood Vessel Disease of TCM and Western Combination Medicine, Zhong Nanshan said “There is no one drug being effective to prevent Covid -19 till today.” But the “LianHua QingWen Capsule” has made Zhong Nanshan and its team gain huge profits. Zhong Nanshan further stated “Collateral Disease Theory has received so much attention and extensive acceptance. It is believed to be scientifically sound and credible as long as a drug, a technique or a method has been approved to be safe, effective and can be testified by the scientific test, no matter it is research on western or Chinese medicine. This drug is worth recommending.

Zhong Nanshan’s words are paving the way to claim the significant role of TCM in the treatment of “CCP viruses”. The CCP has been boasting the effectiveness of Jinqin Capsule, LianHua QinWen Granule, Xuebijing injection, Qingfei Paidu decoction, ShiBaiDu recipe, and Xuanfei HuaBaiDu recipe. In fact, it is a scam.

That CCP propagates TCM to aid Sanya fight against pandemic is a CCP directed plot to deceive LaoBaixing. No matter how reliable this plot is, CCP just needs to control the media and public opinion and nothing else is important. If it doesn’t work, those who tell the truth will be criminally charged for disturbing security, spreading rumors to create trouble, subverting the country, betraying the nation… among many other charges.

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