Anhui Si County Asked Public Officials to Mobilize Relatives and Friends to Buy Houses

People’s Liberation Army continues to showcase its military drills around Taiwan after U.S. Lawmakers visited Taiwan last week. PLA is displaying conventional and unconventional shows of strength to put pressure on the island nation.

Beijing’s incursion into Taiwan’s territory has become a new normal after the visits made by U.S. officials. Besides the PLA’s live military drills, Taiwan Defense officials suspect the PLA is deploying Unidentified Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) over Kinmen and Matsu Islands. In response, the Taiwan military fired warning flares at the UAVs, dispatched its fighters for the interception, and deployed air defense missile systems.

Apart from that, Cyberspace is another arena where Beijing threatens the Taiwanese. After Nancy Pelosi’s visit, CCP hackers were suspected of attacking Taiwan’s Government websites. The hackers used distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, causing temporary disruptions in service. According to Taiwan’s foreign ministry, the attack on the websites and the government portals were linked to Chinese and Russian IP addresses.

Beijing is flexing both its regular and unorthodox warfare tactics against Taiwan. It is pushing the Island into a constant state of alert and disrupting the world’s busiest shipping zones. However, the island nation doesn’t seem to surrender to CCP’s aggression.

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