Science and Technology Decoupling are Great Help in Taking Down the CCP

Miles Guo mentioned in GETTR live streaming on August 15th,  that after US President Joe Biden visited Europe and Japan, all the parties involved unanimously decided to ban Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from further accessing of EDA technology. Without it , all high-tech industries such as machine tools and chips will collapse in Communist China.

 Miles said the Starlink technology in Europe and the United States will completely change the way of life with humanity. By that time, any mobile phones, cars and all other electronic devices will be equipped with their own Starlink function, and networking can be realized under any environment.

 Miles added, the next step in the decoupling of science and technology between China and United States is to disconnect the internet. If the CCP does not have chips, there will be no internet, large aircrafts, high-speed rails, nuclear power plants, especially the banks will also be unworkable.

 At last, Miles said the blockchain accounting will be emerged by the end of this year to the beginning of next year. Thanks to its immutable nature, the finance, science, bookkeeping and statistics are going to be completely transparent by then around the world. When the technology is adopted globally, all the secrets and information concealed by the evil regimes will be exposed to the public, and the CCP will immediately collapse.

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