Tracing Miles Guo Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Case Back to “Ma Rui Rape Case“

Recently, Miles Guo’s Chapter 11 case has attracted worldwide attention. According to the order by the Connecticut Bankruptcy Court, the appointed trustee Luc A. Despins has been granted to hold all Miles’-related estate, including Miles’ claims in UBS litigation.

In the past five years, Miles Guo has been subjected to 72 falsified lawsuits in the U.S. and other countries. As was revealed by Miles, at least half of the lawsuits were fabricated by Bruno Wu, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s top agents.

On Apr 18, 2017, Pacific Alliance Asia Opportunity Fund L.P. (“PAX”) filed a lawsuit against Miles over a 30 million USD loan dispute, which was the day right before Miles’ livestream interview by Voice of America, and the interview was hastily cut off halfway in, right at the moment when Miles started to disclose the corruption of Hai Nan Airline (HNA) and Wang Qishan, thethen-Prime Minister of CCP.

Miles once revealed during his live broadcast on Mar 25, 2022, that it was 10 hours before he went on the VOA’s interview, he received the Interpol Red Notice, together with warnings from the CCP’s senior officials; and that PAX, is the subsidiary company of PAG, the company is HNA’s shareholder and also a partner of Bruno Wu. Currently, besides PAX, Ma Rui is another creditor listed in Miles’ Chapter 11 case.

According to Miles, he signed the application for political asylum on Sept 11, 2017, the day Ma Rui also filed the “rape case” at the Supreme Court of the Southern District, New York, which is 6 days before he formally delivered the application for political asylum; and that it was Bruno Wu who paid for Ma’s attorney fee.

Going through plaintiff Ma Rui’s statement in the court files, readers are most likely confused by the alleged “rape case”; for example, none of the listed events contain specific time information, which is one of the most critical information for a court to prosecuting a committed crime; additionally, the alleged “serious” crime was filed as a “civil case” instead of a “criminal case” at the police department in Sichuan province of Communist China, even though, Ma Rui claimed that the “crimes” have been committed in the U.S., London, and Bahamas.

Fellow fighters of the Whistleblower Movement pointed out that in the court files, many of the plaintiff’s claims contained major inconsistencies, such as the location proposed and the presented evidence from the crime scene, which has exposed the CCP’s deceptive nature, arrogance, and ignorance facing the U.S. judicial system.

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